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Not A Bad Thing, Justin Timberlake (Live on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon)

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Wake Up, Arcade Fire (Funeral)

The Walking Dead Storyboards: How They Sketched Out Carol’s Explosive Plan

Director Greg Nictero lets us see the blueprints for the show’s most elaborate set piece yet

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Kite (Live from Sydney), U2 (Window In the Skies EP)



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Window In the Skies, U2 (Single Version)

Ew!, Jimmy Fallon feat. Will.I.Am 



Chelsea Handler talks with Dave Grohl about the types of guests she HATED having on “Chelsea Lately”

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Gone Girl (Garota Exemplar) - A must-see! (Imperdível)

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Technically, Missing, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Gone Girl Soundtrack)

Gone Girl, by David Fincher

David Fincher truly is a genious! Surely the movie benefits from the exquisite writing from Gillian Flynn, who wrote both the novel and the screenplay, but the way the story is conducted by Fincher is where most of the beauty of this film is. That and the stunning soundtrack by Trent Reznor. And the acting by Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, as well as the outstanding supporting roles by Tyler Perry and Carrie Coon.


The tension built throughout the film is nearly as exhilarating as it is if you were reading the book, taking into consideration the huge depth difference between the two media. After delivering masterpieces such as Fight Club, Se7en, and Benjamin Button, Fincher proves he can be just as great when it comes to adapting to the big screen international best-sellers as he has succeeded twice in a row (Girl With The Dragon Tatoo, and now this one).

Ben Affleck is much more than convincing as Nick Dunne, the husband who is both looking for his wife and a suspect of having killed her. His acting is never exaggerated or pretentious, just splendid. I still don’t understand why some people tend to diminish his greatness. He’s becoming more and more an essential figure in good Hollywood productions, be it as an actor or director. Everyone is entitled to mistakes in the past, aren’t we? Rosamund Pike also astonishes the audience as Amy Dunne, a rollercoaster of a character in one role. A star is born, for sure! Carrie Coon, who plays Nick’s twin sister Margo, is also flawless, as is Tyler Perry (I’d rather not say his part in the movie so as not to kill the fun for those who haven’t actually read the novel). Perfect casting!


All in all, Gone Girl is definitely the best American film released this year so far, thanks to the distinguished work carried out by all the brilliant professionals involved.