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Head Underwater, Jenny Lewis (The Voyager)

Magic In The Moonlight, by Woody Allen

Every year we are blessed to have a new Woody Allen film. He may sometimes lack his genious, but lately it’s been one masterpiece after the other. “Midnight in Paris”, “Blue Jasmine”, and now the sweet "Magic in the Moonlight".

Emma Stone is astonishing as the spiritualist Sophie, who drives a great magician’s attention (Colin Firth) as he seeks to unravel the mistery behind this lovely girl. Whether she really is a phony or not mixtures with the fact that she does not seem to be in love with the millionaire who’s proposed to her, at the same time that Stanley (the great magician) starts to question his true love for his wife.

A romantic comedy so sweet that will appeal to all audiences, be them Woody Allen's lovers or haters. Highly recommended.



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The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone), U2 (Songs of Innocence)

U2  - Songs Of Innocence

release on Oct 13th, available now on iTunes



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Afire Love, Ed Sheeran (X)

Isn’t this one of the most delighful songs you’ve ever heard?

Banda do Mar

Simplesmente uma delícia de CD ;)

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Mais Ninguém, Banda do Mar 

2010 | 2012 | 2014

Aaron Paul has won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series 3 years, making him the youngest and only actor to win this award 3 times.

(Source: jonahryans)



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Alone In My Home, Jack White (Lazaretto)


Jack White is a genious! His latest project is sensational, in which he brings rock together with blues, and it all feels like a mixture of what music has to offer. It’s raw, and at the same time full of instruments and amazing vocals; it’s a tour in one of music’s finest artists.

"Three Women", based on “Three Women Blues” by Blind Willie McTell, opens "Lazaretto" at full throttle, and the songs that follow only add to the magic of this album. Smart lyrics are throughout this masterpiece. In "Just One Drink" he goes "You drink water, I drink gasoline. One of us is happy, one if us is me. I love you but, honey why don’t you love me?". "Alone In My Home" is likely to appeal to the die-hard fans of The Raconteurs, such as Yours Truly. "Temporary Ground" is beautiful (what? seriously?) due to a touch of heartbreaking country music female voice by Lillie Mae Rische, and violins, of course. He even gets a bit Rolling Stone with "That Black Bat Licorice",  a track that resonates “Paint It Black” somehow.

Everything in “Lazaretto” sounds carefully thought of. The instruments, the lyrics, the vocals, all contributing to his best effort up to date. A must-have album.